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Organic Cleaning

At Milano French Cleaners we offer several methods of cleaning for your garments. The methods we utilize in my opinion are the best for really cleaning your Garments. We do recommend you allow us to choose the best method for your garment. As with all solvents, they are not 100% usable on all fabrics. The ” organic ” solvents such as petroleum, hydrocarbon, silicone, do not clean as well as our methods do. No worry about odors, bacteria, filmy feel, or just plain old redeposition. Our solvent is always fresh. If you care about what you put on your body? You would defiantly have your clothes cleaned by us. Try us and see the difference!

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Delivery service

Try our hassle free home or office pick up and delivery service. I’m so sure you will love our dependable and reliable service I’m willing to give you your first order up to 20 dollars on me. Alfonso. Call us or email us to sign up for our service. 732-329-1100 or Milanofrenchcleaners@Verizon.net Use subject risk free trail offer. The service is on Monday/Thursday. Or Tuesday/Friday depending on your address. Billing is monthly. Visa/MC/Discover. We offer all our services on the route.

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Dollar cleaner taboo

Other than cheap, there is no real reason to use a discount cleaner. I have seen the results of quite a few of my customers that have strayed to the cheap side. Ugly. The weird odor that you complained about is bacteria thriving on your garments. The graying or dulling of your bright or lite colors is all of the dye, dirt, and soap residues from cleaning too large a load without separating fabrics and colors. Poor or no filtration of heavily used solvent. That film on your clothIng….. Yuck! You dont want to know. But it’s ok because it’s cheap And you take your good clothing to us. It not ok. I offer many coupons online for up to 25% off. Moneymailer.com is a quick and easy way to obtain our coupons. Load it on your smart phone for ease And convenience. Real cleaning! That’s what you get at Milanos

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Wedding gowns cleaned preserved or restored

Wedding gown preservation and restoration is one of my favorite services that I offer. It really allows me to showcase my skills. We offer full service cleaning preservation, and tailoring for your gowns. We do everything in house. Don’t let those stains set into that beautiful gown. It’s much easier and better for your gown to address the stains ASAP. Bring in your gown, tell us you want our 50$ preservation coupon at drop off. We will call you to show you the gown prior to boxing it up for your future generations.


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