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Dollar cleaner taboo

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Dollar cleaner taboo

Other than cheap, there is no real reason to use a discount cleaner. I have seen the results of quite a few of my customers that have strayed to the cheap side. Ugly. The weird odor that you complained about is bacteria thriving on your garments. The graying or dulling of your bright or lite colors is all of the dye, dirt, and soap residues from cleaning too large a load without separating fabrics and colors. Poor or no filtration of heavily used solvent. That film on your clothIng….. Yuck! You dont want to know. But it’s ok because it’s cheap And you take your good clothing to us. It not ok. I offer many coupons online for up to 25% off. Moneymailer.com is a quick and easy way to obtain our coupons. Load it on your smart phone for ease And convenience. Real cleaning! That’s what you get at Milanos


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